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ERecall is a program that will remind you about important events. You can tell this program to display a message box every time you want it to remind you about something, or perform an action instead, such as running a program or sending an e-mail. ERecall is also able to schedule other tasks, such as compressing folders or shutting down the computer.

The reminders can be set to appear repeatedly, and they can display text, images and play sounds. This program also offers you the possibility to create post-it notes that you can pin to your desktop - this way you will have a visual reminder on your desktop any time you need one.

You can define your own hotkeys to work with eRecall, and you can even create scripts in WLangage to perform specific actions when certain conditions are met. It is also possible to search for keywords in the created reminders and notes. That can be useful to retrieve addresses, phone numbers or other data you may have included in the reminder.

The program offers help links to online assistance and forums that will teach you how to use eRecall more efficiently.

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  • It is free
  • It allows you to remember your appointments easily


  • Some portions of the program will still display text in French
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